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BIC: New Trends in Publishing Seminar 2017

BIC’s annual New Trends in Publishing Seminar provides an insight to the latest and hottest innovations and changes in the industry. The event also provides an opportunity to network with colleagues and other BIC members.

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Publishing Media Group Roundtable: Independent Publishers: a Meeting of Minds

Independent publishers are constantly innovating in response to new thinking and new demand. In March 2017, they will be amongst the most active of the 25,000 people who attend the London Book Fair – and it is PMG’s pleasure to welcome them, and their friends and supporters, to Stationers’ Hall for a social and inspiring evening, on the eve of the Fair itself.
Speakers include Stephen Page (Faber & Faber) and Lorenzo Ribaldi (La Nuova Frontiera and ODEI)

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Are you a custodian of your job?

In the workplace there are many opportunities for progressing skills, training and keeping ahead of changes within the industry. Some examples might be by participating in a new project, learning new software or by networking with peers.  The question is, are your employers supportive of this? Does your employer want a custodian of a job? […]

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salary survey

Salary Survey 2016 – Call for Questions

We are now commencing work on constructing the questionnaire for the Salary Survey 2017. This will be the 20th anniversary of our very first Salary Survey, which has grown from looking at salaries and job security into becoming a survey of around 56 questions, looking at education, employment trends, digital skills and training data. […]

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Spare Room Project is launched

The Spare Room Project has recently launched, which is designed as a practical initiative aimed at helping regional diversity in publishing, and led by James Spackman of Pursuit Agency. The Project will match students from outside publishing with a publishing professional in the capital (London), offering them accommodation for a week in July or August. […]

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