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Rewriting the (Rule)Book: Innovation and Disruption in Publishing

Too often publishing gets a bad rap for being averse to change – the dinosaur of the creative industries. But is this really the case? Audio is booming, VR is the next big thing, and more and more companies have finally begun to walk the walk on access and inclusivity.

A period of significant change is underway. Organisations and professionals turning to the old rulebook are finding that it is no longer fit for purpose… but those daring enough have decided to write their own.

Under the streams, Write Your Own StoryRulebreakers and By the Book, the SYP’s 2018 Autumn Conference will shine a light on the movers and shakers, big and small, that are changing the face of the industry and carving new paths for publishing success.

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Redefining Storytelling

This is an annual event that we run at London College of Communication, gathering MA Publishing students and industry professionals together to explore emerging issues in publishing across all sectors.

This year, the theme of the event is Redefining Storytelling, in which we highlight how the publishing industry continues to evolve. The event will include two separate panel discussions led by a variety of industry experts. Storytelling has always been key to publishing, but now stories are being told in various new ways.

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New Frontiers – How Stories are Told Today

New Frontiers is an evening all about stories, their tellers, and the new ways they are told. Every day innovative technologies and new ideas allow publishing to expand beyond tradition. Organised by the MA Students at the London College of Communication and with a number of key note speakers, this should be a very interesting […]

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