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Are you a custodian of your job?

In the workplace there are many opportunities for progressing skills, training and keeping ahead of changes within the industry. Some examples might be by participating in a new project, learning new software or by networking with peers.  The question is, are your employers supportive of this? Does your employer want a custodian of a job? […]

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Attacking the Skills Shortage in Publishing

Whilst going through our archives, I found this article and have republished it with only a slight edit to remove one statistic. Please read through, and let us know how relevant you think it is to today’s job market. Attacking the skills shortage in publishing Suzanne Collier on why we should care better not only […]

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Surviving Redundancy

Given the support on twitter in the USA for the former Border employees, it makes sense for us to link here to an interview that Suzanne Collier gave to Vicky Elmer, (a professional journalist based in the USA), when Borders first filed for Chapter 11. Written some time ago, but published widely in The […]

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From my mailbox…

Part of my role involves me picking up those who are having a pretty rough time of it in the job market, and I thought I’d share with you one such email from someone who didn’t make the job club meeting today. —– “I’m sorry I didn’t make it to the meeting today. Prepare […]

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More redundancies plus new opportunities

You might have seen this article over the Christmas holidays – that the CIPD predict more redundancies, with unemployment reaching a peak in the summer. I feel like the ‘purveyor of doom’ when I state I have been saying this for ages.  I believe that between now and May we will see more redundancies across publishing. […]

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