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Advanced Copy-Editing, one-day course in London

A practical course for experienced editors who really want to hone their skills. Complex exercises will tackle a range of material that presents challenges in comprehension, structure and consistency.

If you are an experienced editor or have attended The Publishing Training Centre’s Introduction to Editorial Skills course and subsequently gained experience, this course is for you.

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Digital Project Management, two-day course

Gain the skills needed to manage your digital projects using Agile and other iterative techniques, through both classroom-based learning and follow-up coaching by email.

If you’re nvolved in the management and delivery of digital projects, including editors, commissioning editors, web managers, project managers and publishers, this course is for you.

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Publishing Strategy Toolkit

If you’re charged with maximising the success of a publishing list or market segment and want to compete effectively, this introduction to competitive strategic thinking is for you.

You will discover new ways of thinking that can be applied to your own strategic questions and will leave with a wealth of ideas and the confidence to take your products, and your career, to the next level.

Publishing Strategy Toolkit runs once a year with a highly popular tutor, so early booking is strongly recommended. You will gain the most benefit from this course if you are already confident with the basics of commissioning.

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Writing for the Web, one-day course

Discover vital ways to make your digital content more readable, searchable and findable, using up-to-the-minute research. If you create or have responsibility for web content this course is for you.

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Advanced Proofreading

If you have some proofreading experience and want to learn how to apply your existing skills to challenging texts, this practical course is for you.

You’ll learn strategies for decision-making, how to carry through changes consistently, and how to deal with authors and finish jobs to a high standard, without compromising budget or schedule. These skills are transferable to all publishing contexts, print and digital.

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Negotiating for a Win-Win Outcome

Successful publishing is largely built on successful negotiations: between author and editor, agent and publisher, production manager and suppliers and members of the publishing team. These negotiations need to have outcomes which give both parties what they need and maintain the ongoing relationships.  Successful negotiating requires an understanding of the structure negotiations take, the behaviours which work best and the ways you can build your own power and credibility to get the outcome you need.

This course is designed for publishers, managing and commissioning editors, junior editors, production and design staff and anyone who needs to negotiate with others in-house or outside.

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Copywriting for Publishers

Explore when, where and how smart copywriting can boost the performance of your book marketing projects.

If you work in publishing, you are already familiar with the power of words. This workshop shows you how to harness that power to create copy that inspires, persuades and sells. You’ll be provided with practical tools to complement your writing skills and further develop your expertise.

This course will make a significant difference to anyone working in publishing and related areas who has to convey key messages through the written word.

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Copyright: How to Get What You Need in the Digital Age

With the explosion of content available, on the internet and in print, the wide use of social media and ease of dissemination, it’s more important than ever to know who has the rights to content and who can exploit it. When are there are other rights to consider (such as for use of personal information)? When may permission be needed?

The course also covers ownership of copyright in print as well as digital content.

This course is for anyone who is involved in the creation and publication of copyright material and use of services and content online, including for marketing purposes.

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