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BIC’s Metadata Power Half-Day Training Course

Many twenty-first century book readers are searching for, discovering and purchasing books via the internet instead of browsing the shelves of a library or bookstore. Whether digital or in print, their success in finding the right book for their needs dictates how well the book sells. And this success depends on metadata.

Increasingly, the power of metadata is replacing traditional selling techniques. In effect, the publisher needs to treat ‘information about books’ or ‘product metadata’ as its online sales force. An understanding how metadata is created and managed, how it is distributed through the book trade, and how it is used by retailers, libraries and readers is critical knowledge for today’s publishers.

The course begins with a simple overview of what metadata means in the book world, linking what the publisher does with simple information like title, author, ISBN and price with what the outside world – the retailer or reader – sees. It describes how publishers can take responsibility for and manage that data. And it takes a look at the ‘data supply chain’ – how the key data gets from publisher to bookstore and library catalogue. It discusses how metadata can be given a commercial value, and how more comprehensive and more timely data can fuel extra sales.

It covers the range of different metadata fields that can be supplied, the needs and expectations that retailers and libraries have, methods of data delivery and how publishers may be assessed on how well they meet those needs.

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Get into Book Publishing – Editorial Masterclass

The course will provide a comprehensive and realistic overview of the skills and activities involved in being an Editor. She will start with a brief outline of her own extensive career including ‘A real day in the life of an editor’ and then discuss the different types of editors and books, and the different editorial approaches. She will also explain the role of typesetters, the process of copy editing and proof reading, and what is involved when working with authors and in-house colleagues. There will be sessions on scheduling, budgets and timelines as well as how to approach job applications and interviews. The interactive tasks will include some practical exercises designed to practice some core editorial skills.

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Get into Book Publishing – Production Masterclass

For those who are considering a career in Book Production this honest, open and highly informative one-day course will clarify exactly what production really involves and what makes a great production person. It will provide you with some key skills and technical knowledge to help you take your first steps into the industry.

Taught by Heather O’Connell, a publishing production expert with more than 20 years’ experience in the industry, the course will be a fun, interactive look at the world of book production. It will look at the different types of production roles and the skills required to do them and will help you narrow down which job is the right one for you. Introducing each of the main aspects of the role, it will give you an insight into the fascinating process of how books are made (from receipt of the edited manuscript through to printed and bound books) and equip you with some basic knowledge towards applying for your first role in Production. Just imagine approving your first book to go to press!

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Get into Book Publishing

‘Get into Book Publishing’ – An accessible and industry-supported introduction to publishing for those who are new to the industry.
This new, 4-day course will focus on providing delegates with a comprehensive overview of the publishing industry and a good understanding of the business. It will give an expert insight into the structure of a publishing house and the main roles within it – editorial and design, production, rights, sales and marketing – with the primary aim to help candidates identify the right area for them. It will also offer some valuable skills to aid employment and an excellent opportunity to meet key figures in publishing.
The course will be taught by experts from across publishing to give an up-to-date, practical and relevant look at the industry.
There will also be an informal drinks reception and an excellent opportunity to meet industry figures in a more relaxed environment.
There are no entry requirements for the course although delegates must be over 18.

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