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Content Strategy for the Web

Take charge of planning the creation, delivery and governance of your website content so that it can deliver real value for your organisation and meaningful experiences for your website visitors.

Whether you’re relaunching, starting from scratch or wrestling with an unruly site, this course provides the foundation on which you can develop your content strategy and integrate it effectively within your organisation. This practical course is for anyone who produces or manages online content.

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Book Publishing CPD – Develop your Skills –

Series 1 Episode 8 of Live Working in book publishing, have you ever focussed on your CPD?  What continual professional development or training do you undertake? This week is National Careers Week and we thought it would be a good opportunity to discuss how you are updating your skills within your publishing job and […]

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PPC – Junior Publicists’ Training Day

In addition to journalists spanning print, online and broadcast and including Sam McAlister (Newsnight) and Catriona Innes (Cosmopolitan), this year’s speakers will include Larissa Prockter, central events manager for Waterstones; Joel Grove, content partnerships manager for podcast platform ACAST; and Mia Quibell-Smith, winner of the PPC’s 2017 Best Newcomer award.

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ALPSP: Understanding eJournal Technology

This course will provide an insight into the technologies behind eJournal delivery, and help delegates understand the challenges faced by libraries in providing readers with access to their journals. The course will be business-centric – clearly positioning technologies in the context of the industry issues they aim to solve. Participants will learn how technology is used throughout the delivery of journals from publisher via library to the end-user.

You will learn to: gain a business-level grounding in journal delivery technologies, gain greater insight into customers’ technical and business requirements and understand the role technology plays in journal deployment and discoverability. Gain an understanding of the limitations and risks associated with granting or denying access through all the main authentication methods, and so inform how library licence agreements should be structured to support these limitations.

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ALPSP: Developing Open Access and Hybrid Journals

The aim of this course is to introduce staff from all areas of journals publishing to the complexities and unique challenges of running an open access journal or journals programme. Delegates will participate in discussion of open access journals and experiment with financial modelling, enabling them to gain an understanding of the necessary steps to take when establishing and maintaining both full and hybrid open access journals.

You will learn how to: appreciate the measures required to create successful open access journals, understand the open access publishing workflow, assess the pros and cons of different open access business models, know the context of the open access industry including the green open access lobby and influential funding bodies, and understand the ethics of open access publishing.

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The IPG launches training Bursary

Grant from the IPG Foundation to support professional development The Independent Publishers Guild is delighted to announce the creation of the IPG Foundation Bursary, a new initiative to help its members support the professional development of its talented members of staff. The Bursary will provide a total funding pool of £5,000 this year, with grants […]

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