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Transferrable Skills for Publishing

A three day course covering the essential transferable skills you will need in Editorial, Marketing, PR, Rights, Production and Sales.

Designed to build confidence at interview, with interview tasks and in a first job, work experience or internship. The course covers pitching and presenting books, numeracy and negotiation for publishers and an introduction to metadata. This course is suitable for anyone looking to get their first job in publishing.

Aimed at candidates from all backgrounds, with no prior experience, this course will provide a head start in understanding publishing and the skill-sets which lead to success.

Day 1 – Pitching and Persuasion

No matter which role you have in publishing you will need to sell an idea, whether that’s editorial to an author, sales to a retailer or production to a creative team, day one will arm you with some tips and techniques.

Designed assuming no prior knowledge and to dispel fears, the first session is about becoming comfortable with public speaking and building confidence.

We will then learn how to tailor the pitch for a book for different audiences. Writing back cover and marketing copy to persuade readers.

The day ends with a workshop – where you will learn how a publisher pitches to an author.

Day 2 Numbers and Negotiation

Everyone in publishing needs to know how the industry makes money and understand where they can add value.

Starting with an introduction to buying books through agents we’ll look at some practical and useful negotiation techniques.

Then we’ll look at how books are costed and how publishers forecast sales and revenue, working out discounts, margins and exchange rates and how marketing and publicity campaign are budgeted.

The day ends with an overview of publishing as a business.

Day 3 Metadata, CVs and Interview Skills

Metadata is vital to the discoverability of books in and everyone in a publishing house has a responsibility for it.

We will show you why metadata matters in Editorial, Marketing, Production, Sales and Publicity. Introduce the systems used to define books, BIC, BISAC and Thema codes.

We will think about readers online journeys, how keywords help us reach the right readers and how to write great copy for use online. We will end the session by looking at a complete set of metadata for a book.

The final afternoon will focus on writing targeted and well presented CVs and covering letters as well as some tips and workshops on interview preparation. Aimed at showcasing candidates’ talent and enthusiasm as well as the skills learnt on this course, attendees will leave feeling confident, knowledgeable and ready to apply for roles in publishing.


There are sponsored places available, please contact us at for more information.


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An Introduction to PR for Publishers

A one day introduction to publicising books. We will look at some of the brilliant lengths publisher’s publicity departments go to to get their books noticed. From festivals to events, from broadcast to review, from prizes to social media you’ll get a great first taste of Publicity at a publishing house.

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An Introduction to Marketing for Publishers

A one day course exploring how publishers market books creatively and effectively to readers. You will examine case studies and plan mock campaigns. You’ll learn about all aspects of book marketing including trade, consumer and digital with an overview on research and analysis. Attendees will leave feeling confident about different aspects of book marketing and ready to apply for first jobs.

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Production Masterclass

For those who are considering a career in Book Production this honest, open and highly informative one-day course will clarify exactly what production really involves and what makes a great production person. It will provide you with some key skills and technical knowledge to help you take your first steps into the industry.

Taught by Heather O’Connell, a publishing production expert with more than 20 years’ experience in the industry, the course will be a fun, interactive look at the world of book production. It will look at the different types of production roles and the skills required to do them and will help you narrow down which job is the right one for you. Introducing each of the main aspects of the role, it will give you an insight into the fascinating process of how books are made (from receipt of the edited manuscript through to printed and bound books) and equip you with some basic knowledge towards applying for your first role in Production. Just imagine approving your first book to go to press!


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Get into Book Publishing Course

The Get Into Publishing course provides a complete overview of the industry and an expert insight into the main roles within it. From editorial and design, to production, sales and marketing, the course is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of the business, not only to help identify the area that’s right for you but also to provide you with some basic skills to improve your chances of employment.

Presented by experts from across publishing, the course is a lively, practical and relevant look at the industry as it stands today. At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate from UCL to acknowledge your achievement.

We have many sponsored places available, so please contact us at for details

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Job Seeking in Publishing, Entry Level

Series 1 Episode 3 of Live This episode features genuine questions from jobseekers, including how to get experience when you’ve got no experience and how to stand out from the crowd.  It has helpful hints for those jobseeking, and case study that will benefit both those at entry level, as well as managers who […]

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#Workinpublishing Week

The Publishers Association is hosting a #workinpublishing week commencing on Monday, 19th November, to give greater insight into all the career opportunities that are available within the whole industry. The week-long initiative will feature a fantastic selection of top tips, blogs, videos and Twitter Q&As. Our Careers Clinic will be active again from next week, […]

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Get into Book Publishing

‘Get into Book Publishing’ – An accessible and industry-supported introduction to publishing for those who are new to the industry.
This new, 4-day course will focus on providing delegates with a comprehensive overview of the publishing industry and a good understanding of the business. It will give an expert insight into the structure of a publishing house and the main roles within it – editorial and design, production, rights, sales and marketing – with the primary aim to help candidates identify the right area for them. It will also offer some valuable skills to aid employment and an excellent opportunity to meet key figures in publishing.
The course will be taught by experts from across publishing to give an up-to-date, practical and relevant look at the industry.
There will also be an informal drinks reception and an excellent opportunity to meet industry figures in a more relaxed environment.
There are no entry requirements for the course although delegates must be over 18.

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#workinpublishing Week Careers Clinic

If you’re following #workinpublishing week, in addition to our usual Careers Clinics (Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th November) we’ll be running an extra all-day Careers Clinic during Work in Publishing Week on FRIDAY, 18TH November 2016. So if you have any questions arising about any of the blogs, tips or advice given, you’ll be able […]

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