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The days of one job for life are long gone, and all of us now have many jobs and a wide variety of career options in our lives. Some will call it having a 'portfolio career'. But whatever your career options, or if you have yet to find the right career choice for you, the best thing you can do for yourself is seek professional independent advice from those who know : that is where comes in.

Over the years we've helped many people realise their career ambitions and have continuity in employment, even when circumstances may have disrupted or changed their plans.

No matter what the challenge you face, whether it is negotiating a payrise, job searching, overcoming redudancy, going freelance or starting a new business, we've been though it all, countless times, with our clients. We've dealt with every spectrum of the industry from large corporations to one man publishers, with alsorts of ways of looking for jobs, applications, tests, interviews, presentations, and we use our expertise to assist you in being the best professional person you can be at the time it matters most.


No matter what has gone on before, your career situation is unique and you will be given the specialist time and attention that you need to reach your goals.


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