Who are you going to call?

May 3, 2011

We’re always being asked if we can help people on an adhoc basis, with questions about all manner of things regarding careers advice, working in publishing and job hunting and we’ve responded to your requests.  You want answers that relate directly to you and your situation, whether you are looking for a job, starting a new job, or thinking about a career change and something perhaps more indepth than our FAQs.

So, we’ve set up our own bookcareers.com careers advice line, where we will aim to answer all your quick questions and queries. This will be the confidential, independent advice that you know and love us for.

(We’re also modifying all our other services to make us more accessible to you – including introducing mini consultations – further details will follow shortly).

The times the line will be in operation will vary from week to week, but as with all our services, we work around you, so you can usually find us open at evenings and weekends.

The number to call is 0911 7505601 and the times  we are ‘open’ can be found here. All calls will be charged at £1 per minute.

We’re really looking forward to talking to you sometime soon.