Work in Publishing Week 2021

Nov 13, 2021


Episode 149 of Live

Welcome to Work in Publishing week 2021! #WorkInPublishing is an initiative run by the Publishers Association to promote publishing as a career. Ensure you are following the hashtag across all social media.

In this episode we are joined by Joe Cain, a Professor at UCL, who puts lots of questions to us and we answer them all!

Questions covering starting out, internships, skills and the bigger picture and include:-

Starting Out

What job titles should I look for?
Is there an annual cycle to hiring?
When should I be looking for internships?

What skills are going to make me stand out?
If I have special skills e.g., a science degree or a strong second language
are they a strength in an application?
Don’t I need a degree in English to be good in this industry?
I’m going to need a master’s degree to get into the industry, aren’t I?

What are common starting points for jobs in the big publishing companies?
What else is out there in publishing besides the big companies?
Are parts of the industry growing or in demand? Which parts are overfilled with applicants?
Where can I expect to work as a junior in a publishing business?
(at home or in an office; in London or elsewhere; in UK or elsewhere?)
Do I have to be creative to have a career in publishing?

Bigger Picture
If I can’t get an internship, what related experience can I do to improve my chances?
Am I going to be able to make the world a better place?

The resources mentioned in this episode include:-
The Publishers Association
Independent Publishers Guild
The Society of Young Publishers
Book Machine
Byte the Book
Children’s Book Circle
The Galley Club
Publishers Publicity Circle
Pride in Publishing
BAME in Publishing – It looks like this isn’t going at the moment. Publishers individual inclusion information can be found here

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