Work Life Balance: Setting Boundaries

Aug 14, 2022

podcast cover ep188 setting boundaries

Episode 188 of Live

Do you find that work is often encroaching on your personal time? Are your evenings at home frequently interrupted with a phone call from a colleague?
Is it difficult to see where work finishes and your life starts?

In this episode of bookcareers Live we discuss setting boundaries to achieve good work life balance. There are seven points which will help you start to break down some of the most frequent occurrences,
You’ll learn how to manage the person who always comes to you at 5pm when you need to leave on time, the demand to always work in the evenings or weekends, and how to put a little distance in between you and your colleagues, and so much more.

In this episode we reference:-
How to Manage Your Boss
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bookcareers Professionals Coaching Group
How to Job Search in Book Publishing

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