Workplace Difficulties

Workplace Difficulties
No matter how good you are at your job, at some point in your career you are likely to experience at least one sort of work-place difficulty. It could be bullying, work-related stress, redundancy, being fired, or any manner of negative situations that may happen. Everyone reacts differently in these circumstances. For example, someone who has been making others redundant for years, and has seen everything that is involved, may just ‘fall apart’ when it finally happens to them.

When you are in the middle of the situation, it can often help to talk to someone who not only understands the situation you are in, but can relate to the work that you do, and can help you with strategies, that will not only assist you in rebuilding yourself, but put your career back on track too.

Below are a few information pages and tips to help you overcome the most common difficulties. If you want some personal advice please get in touch. I have no set packages for difficult situations, as I need to understand exactly where you are at before I can recommend a prescription for recovery.

Workplace bullying
Work-related stress
Surviving Redundancy 

We can also help with other difficulties, such as being mis-sold a job, career changing, or challenges within a job.