Writing and Getting published

Writing as a Career- An Introduction
A number of people who want to write see becoming an editor in a book publishing house as a suitable career path, as they think it will lead them to being published themselves. Whilst I do know of one or two book editors who have managed to become successful authors, my main advice is to steer clear of book publishing, and to look to a career in journalism or an outlet that allows you to use your writing skills every day.

As an editor in a book publishers, you will be working constantly with other people’s work – not your own. You will have very little opportunity for writing yourself, and very little time for developing or perfecting your own writing skills. Instead of your being happy in your job, you could find yourself being in a personal nightmare.

We talk to many authors who are frustrated that they do not use their writing skills enough in their jobs, so whilst you have the career choice, ensure you make the right one.
Getting Published
Getting Published as a Children’s Writer

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